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1. Plants for Exhibitions

Add flare and a welcoming feel to your Stand or Event, with plants.  Order 20 or more plants and get 10 % discount.   Themed Gardens create terrific atmosphere.   More information available on our Order Form or Contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

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2. Plants for Offices

Staff & Colleagues will appreciate the gift of plants at work.  From budget to upmarket options, we have the solution for your needs. Primary the cost difference is the style of pot you choose.  Pricing options are available on this Order Form or Contact us with your specific wants.  Get a 10% discount if you order 10 or more plants.

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3. Plants for Sale

Showplants is brimming with a great range of plants at Wholesale prices.  We have Topiaries, Natives, lots of varieties of Palms, Hedge Plants, heaps of Tropical Foliage, Plants for Sun, Shade and in Between.

Our top quality plants for sale are pictured and listed here.

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